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06/26/2015 02:57:33 PM


Great Article about our SHUL!!!!!!!

Click below for the PDF. format article

 Jerusalem Post / Article Skylake Synagogue


03/25/2015 03:46:47 PM


03/17/2015 01:33:50 PM

Dear friends, 

Recently we set out to endeavor to bring yiddishkait to the less fortunate in our community. These beautiful people are from Mac Town where they are institutionalized due to various mental challenges. 

I want to thank Dina Lapco and all the dedicated volunteers for helping me realize this emotional experience for our Mac Town friends. 

A very special thank you goes out to Henry Grunberg for being so gracious and donating his time and expertise producing the video. 

 Have a box of Kleenex near by...

Thank you!
Ariel Yeshurun 
Rabbi Skylake synagogue

Mazal Tov!!!

02/17/2015 12:15:51 PM



  • Michelle Farbman
  • Nicole Kiblisky


  • Marissa Lichy
  • Tally Strimber


  • Daniela Hojda Hojda

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Message from the Rabbi

10/13/2014 07:18:59 PM



Message from our President, Eduardo Nicolaievsky.

10/06/2014 07:12:47 PM


The primary source of strength and continuity in Judaism is the synagogue.

Sky Lake Synagogue is a very unique institution it is a truly warm, caring and intimate community.

We have a long life commitment to Jewish values.

We function as a Beit Midrash (learning center), a Beit Knesset (community center), a social hall, a hebrew school, a youth center, a community service center with substantial values for a lot of people.


Every day at sky lake shul is rich with possibility, surprise and the enchantment that comes from opening this great gift that we call Judaism, This congregation has always striven to be a family of support and strength in times of need and joy.

We welcome and encourage congregational participation in our many religious, social and educational programs offered throughout the year.

Our institution is going through exciting times, times of renovation, expansion and consolidation were will be able to accommodate our families, events and simcha’s in a more efficient and comfortable manner.

We strive to develop a lifelong love of Jewish learning, pride in our Jewish heritage, and commitment in the future of Jewish life for or members

Lets continue working together to raise our children and support our congregation by making Judaism a living part of our lives

We are open to have a constant communication with the members and families. If you have any questions, comments or recommendations please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you

Warm Regards

Eduardo Nicolaievsky



Mon, 6 July 2015 19 Tammuz 5775